How To Choose The Best Franchise Training Programs

There are many boxes to check when you’re trying to choose the right franchise to invest in:

  • You need a franchisor that’s supportive.
  • You need to know that the franchise has a record of success.
  • You need to find the right business model.
  • You need to pursue an industry that you’re really interested in.

Uncover the most important characteristics of an effective franchise training program.But, there’s one aspect you may have overlooked – and that’s an adequate franchise training program. Training is essential to getting your franchise location off the ground and running profitably.

Unfortunately, many franchise owners don’t think to ask about training until they’ve already invested, or they don’t notice a training issue until they experience gaps in their knowledge.

So, as you embark on your search for the ideal franchise opportunity, look for one that offers a franchise training program with the following qualities.

It’s Hands-On

Hands-on training is impactful – and it should be applied in more than one way: You need to both work with a franchisor who is hands-on in their training approach and gain your own hands-on experience as a franchise owner.

Successful franchise training methods are never simple packets of information to read or quick online seminars. The best franchisors are heavily involved in the training of new owners and their continued training into the future.

The franchisor has a responsibility to provide their location owners with all of the tools they’ll need to run their store profitably. From big-picture advice to guidance with practical operations, the training options that a franchisor should provide are widespread. Some others include:

  • Mentorship programs
  • Store setup guidance
  • Location selection assistance
  • Operational system training
  • Extensive management training 

And, in order for franchise owners to fully grasp their day-to-day challenges, they need hands-on experience at a fellow location that’s already up and running. When you have the opportunity to shadow established franchise owners, you benefit from on-the-job training that helps you run your location better and form valuable bonds with other owners.

It’s Sales-Focused

You may not come from a sales background, but it’s definitely an aspect of franchise ownership you’ll need to master – and one that has a heavy impact on your location’s success

The best franchise training programs include extensive materials on how to handle sales and close deals. After all, franchisors know that sales may not be in a new owner’s wheelhouse.

When you buy a franchise, you’re tasked with wearing many hats at once, including primary salesperson. That makes this franchise training area an important one. Some effective approaches to sales training include:

  • Mentorship from high-level sales team members
  • Annual conferences focused on franchise sales
  • Regular webinars to polish tactics

It’s Ongoing

Effective training doesn’t stop when your franchise opens, although assuming that it does is a mistake made by many franchisors. Instead of valuing continual training, they often focus their efforts solely on new recruits.

But, this model comes with a number of problems. Without regular training, it’s impossible to keep standards uniform across all franchises. What one location does another one ignores. Plus, training is a way to challenge and engage, and without it, franchise owners may become complacent. They may not be encouraged to optimize their operations or think about opening new locations.

Franchise training is also an effective way for franchisors to demonstrate the value they place on owners and staff. If a franchisor is offering ongoing training, it sends a message that the owners and their employees are important members of the team and key to the brand’s success.

For a franchise training program to really have a long-term impact on both owners and employees, it should be an ongoing process that your franchisor facilitates.

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