4 Challenges Of Franchise Management (And How To Overcome Them)

ThinkstockPhotos-452598975-885331-edited.jpgMany entrepreneurs open franchises because they see a professional opportunity in the move. They have the chance to shake off the corporate world, and turn a profit in the process. But you should never dive into a business opportunity without first identifying the challenges you may face.

If you’re considering owning a franchise, you need a comprehensive view of the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead of you. Explore four of the biggest challenges that franchise owners face while running their businesses, and find out the tactics you should use to effectively overcome them.

Hiring The Right Staff

Whether you work in a corporate setting or you’re running your own franchise, hiring staff members and retaining them is a common problem. However, hiring the right staff, while juggling all the other responsibilities for your franchise, is no easy task. Look for employees who are independent and don’t need constant guidance to perform their jobs. Your team has the potential to be a strong support staff, taking responsibilities off your shoulders. Franchise owners are effective because they’ve brought the right team on board.

Increasing Your Customer Base

For any business, finding customers in your marketplace provides a challenge. You constantly want to build your client base, but there are other areas of your business that need your attention, too. If you’ve chosen a supportive franchisor, take advantage of the marketing assistance they provide. Use their marketing materials to reach clients in your area.

One of the best ways to increase your consumer base is by providing a positive customer experience that promotes return business and referrals. For additional ideas, turn to your fellow franchise owners under the same brand. They’ve reached enough clients to keep their doors open, so they probably have some ideas that you could apply to your location.

Coordinating With Your Franchisor

Franchisees and franchisors each have their own designated roles and responsibilities in the franchise process. You may run into the challenge of identifying which responsibilities fall to you and which responsibilities fall to your franchisor. Understanding your place in the franchise process eliminates confusion.

Your role as a franchisee is to run your business in accordance with the franchisor’s brand requirements. Your franchisor takes on the support and training role to help you run your franchise effectively. Effective communication is the best way to eliminate confusion between you and your franchisor. If you’re unsure how to do something or what roles fall to you, just ask your franchisor.

Determining When To Grow

Franchisees open their businesses for a number of reasons. They want to be their own boss. They want freedom outside of the corporate structure. They believe in a brand. They want to increase profits. No one opens a franchise to simply become stagnant. Growth is likely one of your ultimate goals. But one of the challenges you face managing your franchise is identifying when it’s time to expand.

There are two main indicators that you’re ready for franchise expansion.

  • Your current location is running smoothly. You’ve worked out all the kinks of your initial franchise and now it operates effectively without your constant supervision.
  • The opportunity arises. Have you spotted a location that you think would be perfect for your next franchise location? Have you turned a profit on your first location and feel that expansion is a financially viable move? Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

While owning your own franchise comes with challenges, the benefits outweigh them. You’ll be your own boss and have the potential to achieve the financial goals you set for yourself. With a supportive franchisor and effective staff at your franchise, you’ll overcome these challenges and have the opportunity to expand.

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