Franchise Owner Success Story: Steve Cannata

Meet Steve Cannata, a franchise owner with advice on choosing the right franchise opportunity.Steve Cannata had an incredible position as a vice president of sales for a Fortune 500 company. He managed thousands of people and millions of dollars. But in his mid-forties, he left that behind to take his chances with franchise ownership.

Why in the world would he do that?

Here you’ll learn more about Steve, a current Relax The Back franchise owner, and his journey from navigating the corporate world to becoming his own boss.

Finding The Right Opportunity

Steve and his brother had always wanted to work together, and buying a franchise seemed like the right opportunity to do so. After his children were grown and out of the house, Steve was looking for a chance to live where he desired and work the hours he wanted – basically, more freedom.

So, Steve and his brother began researching franchise opportunities. They looked at automotive franchises. They looked at fast food opportunities. They even looked at other health-related franchises before coming across Relax The Back. Fortunately, they found a Relax The Back franchise that was already open and for sale.

Existing franchises are a viable investment option that many new or potential franchise owners overlook. There are a number of reasons why a franchise is put up for sale, including franchises owners that want to retire or move on to a new opportunity. One of the benefits for Steve when he bought the existing franchise was the financial stability that came almost instantly.

Steve and his brother were able to regain their initial investment rapidly and with ease, allowing them to invest in two more franchises within a few years.

What To Look For In A Franchise

What did Steve look for in a franchise opportunity? One of the biggest selling points for him and his brother was the simplicity of the Relax The Back franchise model. Unlike fast food franchises, you’re selling high-ticket items, a perk that caught Steve’s attention. After all, it’s a lot easier to sell one expensive chair than it is to sell 500 sandwiches.

By selling high-ticket items, you deal with far less cash transitions. What’s more, Relax The Back stores experience very little theft. (It would be difficult to pick up a massage chair and walk out the door with it!)

In addition to the simplicity of the operational model of his Relax The Back location, Steve was impressed by the assortment of products. Each Relax The Back franchise location offers a wide variety of back and neck pain relief products for a franchise owner to cater to their customers.

Achieving Rapid Growth

If potential franchise owners take anything away from Steve’s journey, it should be that growth is the goal – and a real possibility. After being a franchise owner for only four years, Steve and his brother now own three Relax The Back franchise locations – two in Arizona and one in Washington – and they are looking to invest in and open even more.

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