Need Self-Employment Ideas? Look For Franchise Investment Opportunities

If you have lost a corporate job, have been the victim of downsizing or are currently underemployed, it’s important to know that the corporate lifestyle is not your only option. Franchise opportunities are on the rise for corporate refugees.

One of the key questions facing this group of people is whether it’s better to have a job or to buy a franchise. After all, there are pros and cons to each option.

In 2015, for example, the unemployment rate fell in every state for the first time in 30 years. These lower unemployment rates have given way to numerous job opportunities.

On the other hand, the typical nine-to-five corporate gig is not for everyone. Many people seek more of a work-life balance and greater control over their careers. If you fall under this category, it may be time to change direction.

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4 Tips To Secure A Profitable Franchise Opportunity

If you’re considering starting a second career, you may be looking for an avenue that offers both greater income and a work-life balance. Fortunately, franchise opportunities satisfy both of these needs.

Many second-career seekers are interested in franchising because it is a lifestyle business. Setting your own hours and determining your own path to success make franchising an attractive option.

So, with the mounting interest in franchises, how do you find the best one for you – before someone else does?

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Franchise Investment: The Best Second Career Idea For Your Future

Approximately 30,000 people are laid off from U.S. companies each month. A large number are also reaching retirement age.

It has even become common – amid a struggling economy – for employees to receive pay cuts of between 5 and 50 percent. If you are affected by a loss like this and bringing in less income, you may feel forced to dip into savings or retirement funds.

For many, franchising is the only second career option that brings both income and a work-life balance. Learn more about why a franchise opportunity may be your best next step.

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How To Start A Profitable Franchise And Boost Your Work-Life Balance

Starting your own business brings more challenges than rewards.

Many people who want to spend more time with their families are concerned that they’re missing out on a work-life balance.

Because of this, franchise opportunities are on the rise. Franchises fall under the category of lifestyle businesses. They allow you to be your own boss and balance your work and family time as you see fit.

A familypreneur is a business owner who believes that no one’s needs are more important than the needs of their family.

If you’re planning on starting up a franchise, consider new methods of building your business – ones that also allow you to take care of your family. 

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How To Tell If Franchise Investment Is The Profitable Move For You

Starting a second career is serious business.

The fear of leaving a lucrative profession and the uncertainty about what the next chapter holds is a lot to cope with.

There are business endeavors that come packaged with the support network to manage the early days of building the business, and franchise opportunities fall into this category.

While there are many advantages to buying and owning a franchise, it’s important for you to receive an accurate picture before jumping into anything.

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Work-Life Balance: How Wellness Franchises Are Top Opportunities

The sun is shining and your son wants to play catch. An old friend calls with an extra ticket to see your favorite band. Your daughter is the valedictorian of her graduating class and you want to treat her to a week abroad. An aging family member falls ill, and you wish you’d had more time.

Some things in life shouldn’t require “time off.” The right work environment promotes a balance between professional pursuits, personal goals and life’s other responsibilities.

The idea of work-life balance as an organizational concept promotes a split between work and other areas of life. Depending on your interests, those areas may include raising a family, traveling, volunteering in the community and, quite simply, living more fully.

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Effective Work-Life Balance Tips For Starting Your Own Business

The more you work, the less time you have for life’s other countless rewards. But, why should you sacrifice sleep, time with friends and family, travel plans and personal passions in exchange for a satisfying professional career?

We all crave a career that caters to our personal and life goals, but the fact remains: Jobs of the past have promoted professional performance over work-life balance. Some of us fantasize about how starting our own business and being our own boss would change everything. Starting a business the old way, though, doesn’t relieve the pain of being away from the people we love and the passions that fuel us. 

There is, however, a group of entrepreneurially minded, family-focused individuals among us who are changing all of this.

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Why Are Entrepreneurs Turning To Franchises For High RIOs?

Today’s working professionals are strikingly different from those of yesterday. They are no longer staying at one company or working within a single field for an entire career. They seek second-career options that exhibit the entrepreneurial nature normally associated with starting a small business.

But, at what point in your working life is starting your own business a good idea – especially if you’re raising a family and trying to maintain a satisfying work-life balance?

Here emerges the New Entrepreneur, who seeks not to begin, build and sustain a business, but rather to balance chasing an entrepreneurial vision with obtaining a career that’s more accommodating of a healthier life. 

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