Why Health Franchises Work So Well For Former Sales Execs

Discover why your experience makes you the ideal candidate for owning a health franchise.Franchisors are always looking for the best candidates to open a new franchise location. Good prospects have a drive for success, the flexibility to run a business and the capital to make the investment. If you’re a former sales executive, you likely check all of these boxes for the ideal franchise owner – and more.

The next step is finding the right franchise opportunity in the right industry. While there are a number of sectors you may be cut out for, health and wellness – with its high profit margins and growth opportunities should be considered a top option for your future.

In this article, we’ll explore three ways in which you’re the ideal candidate for health and wellness franchise ownership.

You Connect With People

Health and wellness franchise customers are looking for solutions to delicate problems, like chronic pain, illness or obesity. When they visit a franchise, they should be met with a salesperson who empathizes with their pain and connects to their issues. Because of your history in sales, you’ve likely talked to and connected with a number of people, identifying their needs and providing solutions to meet them.

To be a successful franchise owner, you must be comfortable speaking with people and interacting with customers. It’s more than just pushing any and all products on each person who walks through the door. Owning a health and wellness franchise involves helping people improve their lifestyles, one product at a time.

You Know How To Sell

When it comes to making a sale, you have a huge advantage. This is one of the most obvious reasons why former sales executives are ideal candidates for health and wellness franchise ownership.

Because you have the experience, meeting your sales quotas and driving revenue for your health franchise should be second nature to you. Sure, you may have to learn everything there is to know about new products and a new industry, but the essentials of sales are the same: identify the need, find a solution to meet the need and convince the customer to buy.

If you choose the right opportunity that involves a supportive franchise partner, you should have access to all of the materials you’ll need to understand new products, as well as the marketing support to drive leads your franchise location. Then you’re free to focus on what you do best: making the sale.

You’re A Hard Worker

Staying calm under pressure is often easier said than done. As a franchise owner, you’ll be under pressure to make sales and keep your location running. But, you’ve likely overcome this kind of pressure before. Sales teams at every company are tasked with a key responsibility: generating revenue. To be successful as a salesperson, you’ve probably put in a lot of hard work to meet and exceed your sales quotas.

As a health and wellness franchise owner, you’ll face the same types of challenges. Fortunately, you have the experience to overcome them. Running your franchise location is no easy feat: It requires perseverance, flexibility and ingenuity to achieve financial success. If, however, these are all traits you’ve developed in your past as a sales executive, applying them to your new role as a business owner shouldn’t be a challenging endeavor.

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